We started the day by waking up and eating some cereal from the supermarket that we got the other day. We got on our swimming suits and checked on the sand wall we made the day before.

Then we went to a different pool that we did not go to yesterday. We found out that the whole entire pool was up to my neck. We did a whole bunch of people chasing the people who were doing piggy-back rides.

Then, we decided to go to the beach, where Julien started to make a ditch and I was making a wall around the ditch, while Jasper entertained us by showing us shells he found in the water. Normally, the water would not get into the ditch, but sometimes it did. That was probably the funnest part of the day! Then me and Alex took the sand from the walls and buried Julien’s feet. I decided to go shell-finding like Jasper did. I learned that like unicorn shaped shells are very common.

Then we started to read I read Harry Potter and same with Alex and Jasper, with Julien reading On the Banks of Plum Creek.