We woke up to a normal morning, ate a cereal breakfast, and anyone that wanted to could go downstairs to go swimming, and the rest could stay up in the room, reading or doing what they wanted to do.

Eventually we were all swimming together in the big pool, riding around, taking occasional breaks to play chess on the giant chess board or reading our books.

Then it was lunchtime. On the way there, I got my haircut, and a place where they put a bunch of stuff in my hair and cleaned it with soap. We ate a late lunch at the supermarket, with sushi, mashed potatoes, or “potato pure”, pizza, and edamame. I didn’t know that food from a supermarket  was so good, and so cheap! We bought other food and things we needed at the supermarket to take all the way home plastic bags, were my brother, Kieran, found a tiny thing, and a bigger one.

After the endless walk home, we decided to go to the beach and play in the sand and the saltwater. we played games at the shore, and our dad buried our feet in sand and made weird shapes with the sand to shape feet. Me and Jasper destroyed our sets of feet, but Kieran kept his and even built a little wall around it, to hopefully keep it and still have it tomorow.


That’s when a little boy named Calvin came over to play with us, as I came around, and every now and then, told them what was coming, and attacked and broke off parts of their walls, as they had to rebuild them.

By then we were cold, and we went inside and found out that the little things Kieran had found were actually coconuts! We studied them and found out how they grew and their layers and how the coconut water feeds the plant, and about the kernel meat, and I had not known any of that until now! Then we all took showers, and read while I write this post, we will soon eat SUBWAY SANDWICHES for dinner, and then we will crawl into our bed to read and fall asleep.




TODAY WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!