After a mad scramble at work yesterday to get done in time to catch my plane, and a speedy ride to the airport complete with chicken soup dinner (thank you, Emily!), I managed to sleep for much of the red eye journey to Cancun. Stepped out of the airport in my Seattle long sleeves and jeans into a soup of mugginess and strangely bright light (hello sun), rented a car, and caught up with Alex and the boys at the pool of the hotel where they’d been staying.

And such happy, excited boys they all were. They’ve been loving spending time in the water, and after some pool time and pizza complete with iguana excitement (see Kieran’s post) we headed over to the beach. Jasper had the perfect description for the sand–he called it “fluffy” and he was so right. It’s incredibly soft and fine. The boys built a beautiful Mayan temple out of the sand, and we all spent a long time in the ocean.IMG_3566

IMG_3578Then it was time to move on from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, and it was a pretty quick hour drive to the AirBnB there. The house is full of charm and beautiful wood, and small enough to feel cozy yet big enough to not feel crowded. The boys were tired and watched a movie while Alex and I went for an exploratory stroll. I think I’m in love with stone houses now–the architecture here is an endless delight. The streets were vibrant but not crowded, and it was exciting to be mapping out where we’ll be living for an all-too-short three days. We were trying on the experience as though we’d be here for three months instead of three days, to get a taste of what next year will hold.


After our walk, we rounded up the boys for an adventurous dinner complete with a “Pre-Hispanic” section of the menu that heavily featured insects. Alex talked Julien into eating grasshoppers with him, so they ordered an appetizer of melted cheese topped with a massive pile of crispy, black, entirely recognizable grasshoppers. Alex dove right in, and at first he had no company as Julien stalled out eyeing the thing on his fork, Jasper requested an alternative way to act like a Mayan, Kieran felt that grasshopper consumption would compromise his vegetarian status, and it took me some time to conquer my inner icks in order to model a good attitude towards unappealing food for the boys. Jasper ate one soon after, casually didn’t care for it, and Kieran managed a leg.

Jasper and Kieran navigated us home after some ice cream, and we had some quiet time in the house before putting boys to bed way too late. We’ll be better about that tomorrow. Jet-lagged bedtime now.