I woke up in the morning and decided to go back to sleep because I was exhausted but I couldn’t back to sleep so I decided to wake up. I woke up and walked upstairs to see some eggs on the stove and Alex next to it.

Then I saw Kieran walk next to the stove. I got some eggs and walked over to the couch to read. We played a few games and then I heard Alex say we were going to a place called Rio Secreto. He said it was a underground river and I was really exited to go there.

We got our swimsuits and water shoes and went to the Rio Secreto. We got there and parked our car. We went to this little hut and signed our names on a paper and then the person who gave us the form wrote the name of our guide on the piece of paper and it said: Miguel. we waited for a little while and then the same person said “Miguel! Miguel!” and then us and about eight more people standed up and followed the person. soon we got to a giant van and all thirteen of us got in. It was a very bumpy ride and we got there in about nine minutes. We got out and saw a guy saying “Miguel! over here!” his name tag said Miguel. We went to the locker rooms and Julien, Alex, and Janet were offered to change into water shoes because sandles don’t have all your skin covered so rocks could cut your skin. Janet said she was fine with sandles. Then we went to the showers and Miguel said the showers on the left were cold and the showers on the right were freezing. After that, we got on wetsuits and helmets. I was hard to get on the wetsuits and the helmets had lights! We got on life jackets and walked into the jungle.

He talked about what was in the jungle and a few mayan words. We got to this little place and did some mayan blessings. Then we reviewed some rules and walked into the underground river. We walked for quite some time and then we got to water. It was about up to our knees. He would sometimes stop and talk about some stuff. We found a thing called a whip spider. It looked a bit more like a crab.  Then quite some time later, we had to start swimming and there were a few more stalagmites and slalactites. Then we stopted and turned around. We were about to get out and we stopped to see a altar with fallen stalactites. We touched a few and then got out of the cave we took of everything and changed. Then we went toa buffet with some delicious food. Then we went home.