We woke up in the morning, ate some breakfast, and then started packing. We started checking for any clothes that we’re out of our bag because we had already “packed” our bags. Then we did a moop sweep for a little longer then I expected. We got out there and Alex needed to do something on his phone that took approximately a “millon years”.  Then we finally get into the car and start driving. Janet said it would take about an hour.

We finally got there and asked a person where we could get our tickets.She gave us a map and told us where to go. We walked for a while and occasionally drank some water until we got to the place where we get our tickets. Then we used our tickets to get past this gate thing. Once we got past the gate thing, We saw this creature that sort of looked like a raccon. We we’re NOT in the Mayan ruins yet, but it was supposed to be there. He said the name of the raccon-like creature was Lusie and he was a Coati.

IMG_3643Later we saw three more Coati play fighting. We finally got to this really thick wall and it was the entrance.


We talked about the architecture of the wall a bit, and then went in. There we’re a bunch of Mayan ruins and all of them we’re not fully constructed, some of them with just the base, and some of them still very visible. We learned that Tulum was a fishing port and there was a beach there. We finally got to the beach and got changed. Julien and me got in the water and Kieran decided to sit on the beach for a little while. I LOVED IT!  The waves were so high! I would sometimes go underwater because of the waves. Then Kieran joined in and he loved it. Then we got out and went to our Airbnb.