We’ve spent the last few months preparing for our year of travel. It’s been quite a mad dash, with much to sort out with the house, new tenants, saying goodbye to loved ones, and planning logistics for the trip.

And now, the day is upon us. We leave tomorrow for London! Here are some thoughts from all of us:

I enjoy challenges and bringing about positive change, within and without. I like technologies that change peoples lives, and creative ways to bring them about. I also enjoy writing and discovering the world through the eyes of others. I’m now most excited to take on my biggest challenge yet: educating my children during their golden years of childhood. -Alex

I will be learning as much about history on this trip as the kids are! I have a passion for finding ways to save money on this trip, and an aversion to writing blog posts. -Janet

I’m eight years old and I was really excited when I found out that we were going to go around the world for a year! -Kieran

I’m very excited to have this opportunity of going around the world to some amazing places! – Jasper

I feel very happy about taking this time off and going around the world to visit family and unknown locations. I cannot wait to embark to many countries and continents! I am sure that the cultures in the places we will visit will be very interesting to experience and learn about. It is definitely a very unique opportunity. -Julien

Below: Enjoying the summer in Seattle before we leave