I can’t believe it’s happening! We just left the airport to embark on our grand adventure! We went to sleep late last night, and woke up really early, to ensure that we would be sleepy on the plane, and we are! We each only get one bag, to carry all the stuff that we will be using for a whole year.

I’m gonna miss everyone, but I also can’t wait to be abroad, seeing the sights of all the places we will be visiting. And I still can’t believe it’s happening. I remember when we had like 6 days till we leave, oh the excitement and longing for that moment when we will leave, and it’s finally here!

We had a big filling meal at the airport, because the instant I get on an airplane, I lose my appetite, so I probably won’t get hungry on the plane.

Our house looks so clean, and I went to the bathroom there for my last time this year. Jasmine and Issac, our tenants, will be taking care of the Airbnb, and Nancy is coming back in early September.

The plane has screens right in front of you, so we can watch movies, and we can also play games on our touchpads (not ipads).

Our flight to London has been easy (so far), and all 3 of us are on our touchpads writing our blog posts.

In fact, I just decided that the airplane’s movies and games are not as good as the ones on our touchpads, so I’m going to proceed by continuing on my TP (touchpad), and do the stuff on it.

Missing everyone,



Actually, I haven’t gotten around to posting this, so it is the next day, and I can explain more. We arrived in London at 7am, and it was morning, and everyone was waking up, but we were ready to fall asleep. So we crashed when we got to our Airbnb ( we had to take like 2 or 3 trains, and a long walk to actually get there). And woke up at 6pm on the same day, so we were awake, and everyone else in London was ready to go to sleep. So we’re gonna have to try to sleep tonight.

Today we are not doing our normal worldschooling routine, because we have been jetlagged to death.

We got here and slept, and woke up at 6pm, so we didn’t have much time left in our day, so we went to the supermarket, and did these blog posts. Next we are going to have a grocery store dinner, but maybe in the next few days we will be able to go to the restaurant GEM (recommended by Sarah Connors).

So many things are different in London. Right hand traffic. Steering wheels on the right side of the car. Weird license plates. So much brick. Twice as much graffiti as Seattle. Litter. Smell=P.U. BRITISH ACCENTS!!!!!!

I LOVE BRITISH ACCENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but still, it’s a cool place.

I am writing this blog as we make dinner, and I’m starving, because I haven’t eaten in a while.

still missing everyone,

little julienito

can’t wait until tomorrow20180804_0838291174844395.jpg