I am so excited! We just left the country and now we are going around the world for one year starting with London! I am quite tired because it is a long flight so we stayed up late, and got woken up at 7:30. I will miss you all!!!

We arrived at the airport very late and had to rush to our gate. We almost did not make it in time.

We left the house very clean, but as I mentioned we were late and that was because we could not do all the jobs, so some other friends will be doing those other jobs. Our tenants, Jasmine and Isaac moved in 2 days ago and will be staying there for the year.

When the plane landed, I started thinking about London, and that we were actually going around the world for a year. I wondered what what London was like? is it more populated? what type of transportation will we have?

We had to get a bus ticket to go on a bus to a place called Highbury and Insillington then get off that and take another bus to Hackney Wick. When we got off the bus we took a mile walk to our apartment and fell straight asleep there.