I can’t believe we are going already! I have been waiting for this moment forever! We are on the plane to London and we just left home, Seattle. All of us only have ONE Bag. Right before leaving the airport, Kavita and Ray (some friends) helped with the house. The night before, our parents showed us all of the supplies and we packed.

Our house in Seattle has two AirBnB’s and one space that we are renting out for the year, which is occupied by Isaac and Jasmine, our tenants. I am very excited to see how different the house looks when we get back.

We went to bed really late and woke up around 8:00 a.m, so that on the plane we would sleep, because when we get to London it will be about 7:00 a.m. And time will have changed because of the time change in London.

Then, finally, the plane landed. YAY! We all got off the plane and went through passport control. Then we took a train, the underground, and the overgound. We all had jetlag and were extremely tired.

Then we tried calling the owner of the AirBnB and he was waiting for us! We walked a super long ways and everyone got tired, especially me. Then we got to the AirBnB and we were all extremely tired so all we flopped down and went to bed.