In months prior, I had visions of sitting down with Janet and the kids in the weeks leading up to our trip to talk at leisure about our plans for worldschooling. The reality is that the last couple of months have been non-stop preparation. The kids have been wonderful about self-entertaining while Janet and I have busied ourselves with getting the house ready and preparing all of our travel materials.

There was. so. much to do. Someday in the universe of best laid plans, I’ll share more on what we packed and the curriculum we developed. But for the past two months, our energy has been diverted towards home repairs and pivoting from a co-house with folks we had hoped would be an integral part of our journey into two professional AirBnB spaces. Janet has done an amazing job transforming the rooms with beautiful but cost-effective touches; and we’re fortunate to have found two hardworking millennial siblings who will manage it in exchange for a reduced rent. We hope they will enjoy the space as much as we have. Nancy will be back from Idaho in a month, and will be an indispensable help as well. We’re lucky to have her.

The preparation was so all-consuming that even with only two hours of sleep, I was still mounting cabinets and putting loose items into the garage on the morning of our flight. We could not have done it without a little help — a lot, in some cases — from our friends. I’m especially grateful to Emily, Sarah, Kavita, Ray, Dano, Ashley, Tae and Noah: thank you for showing up even when we were too shy or uncertain to ask for what we needed.

And still, there was time enough in this last month in Seattle for two camping trips and a wedding with loved ones. Yet not enough time with so many others I had hoped to see before leaving. But I am grateful for the love and support that many of you have shown in helping us prepare physically and mentally for this year. Life feels full, even now that we are finally untethered and far from home.