Today was not stressful or hard. Today was a day for fun experiences and time out of the house. We took our usual run in the morning (a little long because Jasper got to choose were we went). At noon, we set out to the British Museum, but not the whole experience, because we would return again with Janet (she’s sick), and it was sure one of the greatest museums I will ever visit, and all we got to see was amazing art from the Egyptians, Assyrians, and the Greeks. A lot of great art in one place, truly a spectacle, all these good feelings rushing through me. On the way home, I hoped that the rain would continue, but it just stopped after a minute of its birth. The usual day, half in the house, half out of the house, the perfect amount of time, inside we would study and learn, outside we would explore and inspect, and the days would be very enjoyable. Jasper conducted a neat little experiment. He froze a bottle of water, and in a couple of hours he had a cold drink, an icepack, or something to watch melt under a lamp.

We had too much fun chasing pigeons in a park, and we would send flocks of them into the air. It was interesting, I didn’t know that if you run at a pigeon, it flies away, but if you walk towards them, they kind of trot away, not really seeing the point in taking to the skies. It was very fun testing my theory.

London is an interesting city. When we sat down in a park, the ground was covered in cigarette butts, and we had a lot of fun in the past few days finding BILLIONS of taxis, especially black ones. Who knew there were black taxis in London?

Anyway, I’m having fun, but I still want to be back in Seattle, or with my family, for those that live in different parts of the world.

Can’t wait to see you in Spain, Pilar,