Today was the the best day! We woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, and went to the the bus station to go the London Tower. We got on the bus, got off, and walked around a little bit.

We found the Tower of London and walked through a decently long line. I learned they kept exotic animals there in the old days, but luckily, where the exotic animals used to be, there are statues instead of animals now. The moat was very long!

When we got inside, we first saw the Bell Tower, and we also observed that if you got past the outer wall you would have to go through the inner wall which is even taller! And then once you got through the inner walls you would have to go through the even taller castle walls!!!

We looked around in the Tower of London, ate at the cafe, and saw a play. We also saw some British soldiers that were dressed very formally.

Then we had a Yeoman Warder tour. He talked about about so much stuff and was very funny at the same time. Then we went to the White Tower, and saw a bunch of armor and a dragon made out of Medieval parts.

Then, after that, we went to WESTMINSTER ABBEY! And we had bought online tickets so we could cut in line because it was a 45 minute line! But sadly, we didn’t get to cut in line because it was a Wednesday.

When we got into Westminster Abbey (finally), we saw Queen Elizabeth I’s grave, Mary Queen of the Scots’ grave, Stephen Hawking’s grave, Isaac Newton’s grave, and a bunch more graves. Then we went home.