We were heading over to see the British Museum on the bus because last time Janet, my mom was sick, so we went there while she stayed home. But because the British Muesuem is free, we can go there as many times as we want. I felt sad for Janet because she didn’t get to go, so when I heard we were going again I was excited to go again with her!

We headed on in and looked at the tremendous statue of an Egyptian King (pharaoh) called Ramses. That was one of my favorite statues. We went into the Empire of Assyria which is an empire I really wanted to see because I researched it.

After that, we went to Africa. In Africa I enjoyed the Tree of Life, which was a symbol of prosperity and peace. It was made out of rifles from the Mozambique War. It is like they took all war out of Mozambique and made it into a tree full of life.