Today was a very exhausting day. There was a lot of traveling today. Wake up, get on a train, go to the airport, get to Madrid, then flop down in bed. Ok, lets explain that a LOT slower. So, when we woke up, we had to get out of the Airbnb by 11:00 am. But we got out at about 11:45 am. Then, we walked to a bus station and… the bus was there! We got off the bus and walked to a train station and we had almost 25 stops! We stopped on the last stop, Terminal 5.

When we got off the train we went and got to the airport. After that, we went through passport control and security. Once we were done going through all of that, we ate at a very good restaurant with STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING.

Then we (our parents) got some coffee. Then we got on the plane, and after about one hour we got off the plane, did some security stuff, got picked up by our gramma, and went to the apartment.