With our time in London, I have had many observations on the differences between London and Seattle. It has been and hopefully will be a great experience to enjoy other countries and their differences from where we live now. I have made 3 big observations.

1. Unlike Seattle, London has a much bigger and much more popular knack for public transport. In London the streets aren’t that crowded with cars because a lot of people prefer to just take a taxi, or the bus, or the metro, and we don’t have a car, so we took metros and buses, and a couple of times during the evening, when everybody was returning from work, we missed a metro, because it was packed to the limit. In the underground, you will rarely get a seat when you get on the metro, and there are buses and bus stops everywhere, and the buses are always pretty full. In Seattle, the streets are packed, with tons of traffic. There are less buses, never full, and they don’t even have a metro!

2. Unlike Seattle, in London, you have to go far, far, far out of the city to find houses. London is so populated, that in my whole stay there, I didn’t see any houses. All the residences are apartments, and that goes for almost the whole city. In Seattle, most people have their own houses, and Seattle doesn’t have huge buildings everywhere. In London, all the residences are tall, and it is very amazing to take in.

3. London contains hundreds of years of history, and Seattle has only been around for some 150 years. It is amazing how many stories London holds, passing of people, reigns of empires, rules of monarchs, while Seattle is hardly the place for fantastic tales. London has sights to see such as the London Tower, many museums, churches, and certainly much more. Seattle has the Space Needle, and the Seattle Science Center, not the most historical sights.

It is fascinating, the differences between countries, and I will have a lot of fun experiencing those differences.