Last night we got back from the airport droopy-eyed and worn out at 8pm at night, which would be about 7am in the morning for you Seattle people. We were greeted by Pilar at the airport, and we took our first Spanish Metro to the apartment.We greeted our host, Natuka (Pilar’s sister), and Diana (Natuka’s daughter). Had a light dinner, and finally I let my mind let me do the one thing I had been waiting to do, fall asleep.

Our plan was to spend one night in Madrid, then go over to the city/old fortress of Toledo, spend a couple of nights there, return to Madrid to spend our final night in the capital of Spain, and then we would be off, going down to Merida, then to Sevilla, and finally, to Fuengirola, where we would take short trips to the cities of Cordoba and Granada.

We are now at the first day at Toledo part of our trip.

Guess what we had for breakfast…

CHURROS, one of my favorite Spanish treats, CHURROS. (if you don’t what churros are, search it up on…

GOOGLE! or whatever you want.

After having a delicious breakfast, and a delicious buffet with Clarita and Celina (sisters of my grandfather, Hector)…

We packed up in excitement for Toledo, and set out, knowing that we had a 50 minute bus ride ahead of us. When we arrived in Toledo, I was going to faint. A long walk, like all steep uphill, to get into the castle, only to have to walk more, to get to our apartment, where we could relax. It was like seeing a paradise at the end of a long, windy, gray trail, soaked with boredom. Plus, it was like super hot, because we’re here in August.

In the old days, Toledo was a fortress, a stronghold, and I can’t imagine being a soldier that had to attack that. First you would have to get through the river, which kind of acts like a moat, but one that’s farther away from the castle. Then you would have to climb up a steep hill, and on the hill, be confronted by a tall and imposing wall, all the while having to carry a heavy sword, shield, and armor, as well as being shot at by archers the whole time.

I am going to sleep well tonight. We have a delightful little Airbnb, with air conditioning, and the best view of Old Toledo, where I can watch all the birds, and watch the sun set.

Pictures from Toledo