There were three very different religions that lived in peace together for hundreds of years 800 CE – 1100 CE: the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian. This was very rare because generally religions thought they were the only one with the right gods or goddesses so they fought the other religions so the other religions didn’t get so much power so they could make a law that these are the only gods. The Moors (Islamic) contributed with building a few of the Jewish temples. It was called the Golden Age of Toledo. All three of the religions bought and traded for things within the city. in 1100 when Ferdinand and Isabel became King and Queen of Spain, they wanted all of Toledo to be Christian or then they would be killed or their property would be taken from them. I think the history is quite interesting and how they didn’t fight each other for so long.

This is a Jewish temple though it has Moorish architecture. The arches that look a little like keyholes are called keyhole arches and they are a very Moorish architecture.