Today was Toledo to Madrid. We were supposed to leave the Airbnb at noon. We only barely made it. I was disappointed with what I thought the Alcazar was–it’s just a town square where they hold parties at night. The ancient building had been turned into a museum for some war. We didn’t even go in. A long/short bus ride, then a long metro, then a medium long walk to the apartment, where we could explore many new and educational but cool apps on our touchpads, which we spent a long time exploring.

I think Jasper was allergic to Toledo. His virus got really bad when we entered Toledo, and got a lot better when we left, therefore, Jasper is allergic to Toledo.

I remember so many things from my last visit to Spain. The shop we bought water at, the lake we walked next to, and we also saw huge statues, threw sand at pigeons, played games in the sand, played at a playground, and ate ice cream, all at one park.

Oher than that, our day was nothing. Wake up, go running, eat breakfast, go to Alcazar, return to Madrid, eat lunch, go to the park, come back and explore apps, eat dinner, pack for Merida (we leave at 8:30 tomorrow morning), and fall asleep.

Fountain at the park

P.S. my time was cut short because I have to go to bed.