Yesterday was my birthday! Yesterday morning!

We celebrated it 2 nights ago in Merida. The night before my birthday morning. We had cake and balloons, and I got the best gift ever! Until I opened it, it just sat in the corner, wrapped in paper towels, and you could just see the mystery in the air around it. It had to be small and light so that we could travel with it, and it was a tiny Rubik’s Cube twisty puzzle! You can twist it into all sorts of shapes, and it’s so tiny, like it fits in your hand. The cake was delicious, the present was wonderful, and I was treated like the birthday boy, so I got treated with special consideration. I am so happy!






It wasn’t exactly possible to have a huge party, so we just had that tiny celebration the night before. On the morning of my birthday, we got to eat quail eggs! And they also woke my sleepy self up by piling balloons onto me. We got to go into the Alcazar in Merida, and cross the Puente Romano, one of the longest ancient bridges still standing today.

It was the afternoon when we were going to be taking a 3-hour bus ride to Seville/Sevilla, and settle in there, with a special birthday dinner. (We went out to eat at a scrumptious place called HABANITA (in Spanish, pronunced A-BA-NEE-TA. (you ignore the H in Spanish)).

Long and boring bus ride, but still the day of you-know-what!

P.S. We are also going to a water park in Fuengirola for the celebration.

Quail eggs for breakfast (so tiny) in Merida

Under the Puente Romano in Merida

What each of us think of Sangria, a drink of fruit juice with a little bit of wine. Each us were only allowed a taste.

(at HABANITA, in Seville/Sevilla)