Today, we did a LOT of walking. I mean, a lot of walking. It felt like we had walked 200 miles. But, luckily, we didn’t walk 200 miles, we walked for about three miles. But we did drink 5 bottles of water while we were out, which I think is a lot.

We first went to a cathedral that was very interesting, first, because it was the largest cathedral in the world, and second, it is the 3rd largest church in the WORLD. It had a really tall bell tower with 35 ramps called La Giralda. I learned that the Moors built La Giralda, then the Christians took it and built the rest church/cathedral.

Over many years, different part were built until it turned out as the cathedral we see today. There was one part of the church that had a bunch of orange trees, but we thought the were lime trees because they were not ripe yet.

Then we went to lunch where we ate gazpacho, a cold yummy soup, and we also ate some other delicious stuff. Then we went to a park where we washed ourselves off in a fountain and played with the water.


It was also very shady in the park, so that was very nice. Then we took a 30 minute walk home and I moaned almost the whole way because I was so tired. I enjoyed (and hated) this very hot day.