We were going out the door for the beach and I heard it was two blocks away, but it was actually a whole 20 minutes! I wondered how big the waves were, because Julien went here two years ago and said they were gigantic! But I was told that we were going to the calm area, so I thought the waves were not going to be as fun. They turned out to be about three feet above water level on average!

I loved the big waves because they literally pushed you back about 3 feet! I think it was like the waves tried to grab and pull you into their grasps because one wave would hit the shore, then go back into the ocean but it would pull you in too, but at the same time another wave would be coming, and it would be hard to run because that other wave would be pulling you in. Then you would be hit by that wave and it would throw you to shore. My mother wants me to reassure you all that it was not dangerous.

On the way back home we stopped at my grandma’s apartment to say hello. I learned that she made a ton of things in her apartment! I also learned that her full name takes at least thirty seconds to say!