Today we rebelled against the jellyfish, not like yesterday. We got to the beach (a different one) and were ready to play in the waves. But when we got there… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! SO MANY JELLYFISH! So we backed away from the water and played in the sand for a little while and then I let me little feet wade in the water.

And I was fine. Then we saw some jellyfish that had washed on shore. They were not very big. We looked at some and Alex decided he wanted to bring one home for a science project and maybe dissect it once it was 100% DEAD. I thought that was disgusting! So when Janet was done drinking her coffee, I put some water in the coffee cup and got a jellyfish into the cup without touching it.

Then Alex thought we might want 3 or 4 to bring home, but we didn’t have a bucket. So then Alex decided to get a bucket. When he came back, he came back with some shovels to pick up jellyfish on shore. We also got a net, an umbrella, and a bucket. We were equipped.

So we all caught one jellyfish and Janet caught so many I couldn’t even count! So we put a lot of them back in the ocean and kept 4 to bring home.

So after a little while we went home. We had a great adventure at the beach! We are going to dissect them later.