Today had a twist. Everybody decided that we were tired of the beach, because we had gone to the beach almost every day since we arrived in Fuengirola, and the sand has been taking a toll on our feet. Sometimes there are these red spots where the sand has rubbed, and then it bothers you for the whole walk home.

Instead, we did our usual Spanish, math, history, and reading at the beginning of the day, followed by something I had long been waiting for ever since we arrived in Madrid. INFINITY WAR! Infinity War is the latest movie in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Yesterday, Alex told me that we might be watching it today, and yes, we got to enjoy part of the movie (it had gotten so late that it was time to go to dinner at Pilar’s house). That dinner was fabulous, with mussels, and a couple of delicious pasta mixes, which filled my tum tum to a happy stuffed feeling.

We went straight from there to a game night at a castle from the Moorish time, Castle Sohail. How we had gotten this idea is an interesting story. We were at the bakery that is right downstairs from us, and Alex randomly pulled some newspapers off the shelf, and told each of us to find something that interested us. We had just begun to look, when he pointed out that there was to be a game night at the castle, so as our family loves board games, we decided we would go. (Though when we got there, we realized that we needed some form of ID, as to make sure we wouldn’t take the game (why would we?), the trade is so; we get our ID back, they get their game back. So today we came prepared, with Alex’s passport, and had a fun night playing 7 Wonders until 10pm at night.

Below: Fun at the Castle