Today I got stung by a jellyfish. We were at the beach making sand castles and destroying them, and having fun. I went into the water to get some water to destroy my sand tower, and then I felt a tremendous shock of pain. I ran over to Alex, yelling, and he asked me what happened. We thought it was a jellyfish and there were these purple bumps all over where I got stung.

Before I got stung I had been scared and thought I was going to be stung. Unluckily, it happened on the underside of my knee, a sensitive point. It did happen to to be a jellyfish, so luckily I had done some research that told me a couple things. We didn’t have any baking soda, so all we did was rinse it with saltwater.

It started to get better, but I had been told that putting freshwater on it just makes it hurt more, and I thought there were more jellyfish and they were going to sting me if I rinsed off in the ocean (though there probably weren’t any more). So we had to scoop saltwater from the ocean up, then pour it on me a million times. Alex caught some jellyfish that we plan to use for a science project. It was quite an experience but I’m all right.