Today was the weirdest day EVER! We started in the morning with the normal routine: math, Spanish, reading, and so on. But then we had science! The science experiment was dissecting jellyfish. We had caught the jellyfish at the beach if you read the previous post. It was going to be so cool!

When it was my turn to do the jellyfish dissecting I rushed to the table! We first looked at the jellyfish with a microscope. Then we looked at the Gastric pouch/tummy. Everything was so interesting! We even made a diagram of a jellyfish! We learned about the lappets, the oral arms, the epidermis, the gastrodermis, and so on.

I learned that it is the oldest creature with more than 1 organ. They go back 500 million years! They are so interesting! After everyone was done with jellyfish dissecting, we went to the pool. We got very confused. We thought it was free but it wasn’t so we went back home. On our way back home, it started raining… wait no, POURING! It was the first time it had rained since we left Seattle. So we ran home and played a game.