Today had two main highlights. We woke up and did our normal schoolwork, and then relaxed, and then we had planned on going to a Roman tour/recreation.

The tour was a building that inside had a recreation of a Roman street and an example of a small Roman house (not real of course), and was all a little fake, but still, it was a pretend Roman street and house in a building.

After that we explored a new beach. We had to walk along the water for quite a while to find the Roman thing, and in front of the Roman thing there was a beach. With ginormous waves. and great sand. And we got boogie boards, which are little (and highly buoyant) boards that when a wave was coming, you would jump onto the boogie board with your chest flat against it, and the wave would push you very far (if you got the timing right). It was a lifting feeling as you glided along the water, a wave right at your heels, feeling the air against your face and zooming by everybody, like a water torpedo. By the end of our fun beach outing, my legs were like jelly. It is sure hard to keep walking around in the water, and trying to run at least a little fast. I am grateful that Janet got 3 boogie boards, not 1, so that almost everybody could have fun. That was surely the best part of the day. We have got to go back to that beach with those boogie boards sometime again. That whole time I was flooded with joy, just having too much fun.

A delicious Indian dinner at a delicious restaurant, and it was time to go home. I missed the beach, and I hoped that we would be able to return tomorrow. We’ll see.

During the our night-time walk home, Janet and Alex realized something. We forgot to bring the keys! Alex had to run back to Pilar’s house and Maruja’s (Pilar’s cousin, and she is being really nice to let us have her space for free) house. Finally it all led to Manolo, Maruja’s brother-in-law, having a spare set of keys. So luckily we got to go home and sleep in our house.

We had quite a fun, and maybe scary day, so to bed with us.


Below: Pictures from today




Below: Roman bathroom (public)