Today was a weekendish day. It is a weekendish day because we do not have any school but it is WEDNESDAY. Today we woke up early in the morning to go to the bus station. We were going to first go to our grandma’s apartment because she was coming with us. But then Janet decided we could walk to our grandma’s on our own and go to Mijas only with our grandma. So we did that.

We walked to our grandma’s apartment and then went to the bus station. We got a little confused but we got to the bus station on time. I first thought we would have to wait 30 minutes because that was when the next bus would come. So we got on the bus and then got to Mijas. It was so awesome! We saw a lot of stuff such as flamenco, and many people selling things on the street. We saw a lot less people walking on the streets.

Because Mijas was on a mountain, we got to see the whole city of Fuengirola. We got to try these Spanish almond candies. One interesting thing was that Mijas used to be on the other side of the mountain to protect it from pirates. When we were done we decided to go home. Sadly we only were there for about 2 hours. It was one great day of Mijas!