We started the day with CHURROS which you should already know about from the post churros and had a little bit of a frustrating day in schoolwork. We have all had a little bit of frustration in the trip. Today it was a very frustrating day and multiple people got stressed.

We played a competitive and cooperative game called bomb squad. There is a version called death match where you are trying to kill people by holding up a bomb and going suicide killing other people on the way, throwing people off cliffs, punching them a million times with boxing gloves or whatever you want. I like throwing people off the edge and watching them crumble on the way down.

Then I got a whole cabbage to myself, MHA AH AH! I decided to share it because it was tremendous, but only a little bit. I also got tired of boring remainders. Remainders are a step before decimals. My dad explained the difference between remainders and decimals. He explained decimals talking about split penguins.