Today was exhausting for everyone. We woke up at like 9:30 in the morning, and had to go from our place in Cordoba to our apartment in Fuengirola. In total it took like 8 hours. We got going at about 10:30 in our rental car to go to La Mezquita de Cordoba, a very famous Mosque in Cordoba that is worldwide famous. We got audio guides and went through the whole thing, and learned a lot about the Mosque. It is incredible, all the arches (over 800 of them), and all the Christian additions and treasures and statues, making it very easy to enjoy. Driving there and going through the whole thing took like 3 hours, and by then, most people were hungry from all the walking, so we sat down and ate at a yummy little restaurant for like 1 1/2 hours, and by then we were prepared to drive for another 2 hours to Malaga, drop off our rental car, and then take an hour train ride to Fuengirola, where we could lay down, which I was waiting forward to, ready to relax and write this blog.

During the long ride back from Cordoba to Malaga, the car gave me a beautiful view of Spanish mountains, valleys, and rows and rows of olive trees. Spain is a very big olive producer, and this is where a lot of the olives are grown. In addition to all the mountains and beautiful fields, there were more olives, stretching for miles in every direction, more olive trees. In my previous visit to Spain we had taken a bus, and the view wasn’t nearly as great. I never had such an appreciation for the landscapes around Cordoba. That was the best part of today.

Below: La Mezquita de Cordoba

Below: Olive trees around Cordoba