Today we went to a winery. One reason why we decided to go to this winery is because of the possibility of shared ancestry. Though our name is spelled with an I instead of an E (Alviar) it is still a possibility that we are the same family. We have always wondered where it came from. Our last name is probably from an ancestor that started the winery (way back in 1729) or an ancestor that had a child that started the winery and another child did something different and that might have been my great great great great grandfather.

I also find it interesting that they only use one type of grape for eight different white wines (all of their wines in Montilla). That one grape is called Pedro Ximénez. They make it sweet wine by drying the grapes in the sun and make it dry wine by not drying the grapes. To dry the grapes, they lay out the grapes in the hot weather and people flip them four times a day leaning over in the hot sun. Pedro Ximénez is a sweet grape so they squeeze out the juice and put it in barrels with yeast and bring it to the cellar. They make the wine stronger by keeping it in the barrels longer. 

When they put it into the cellar they put the yeast into the barrel to convert most or just a little into alcohol to make different types of wine. They have to put it into a dark and cold place or it will not work. They don’t want insects that eat the barrels so they let spiders come in to the cellar and eat the other insects so they don’t have to worry about those insects.20180905_145325593960833.jpg


Us drinking grape juice out of wine glasses at the end.