Today we went to the beach. We were planing to swim and do some exercise. When we got to the beach, we didn’t see much shade to play soccer on the sand, so we started with swimming and hoped that there would be more shade after we were done swimming because the sun was going down.

After we were done swimming, we found a nice open, shady spot and we used our sandals as goals. Julien’s foot was scraped, so it was Alex and Julien vs. Kieran and me. We played for a little while, then Julien stepped out because his foot was hurting. So Alex played against both of us. Alex CRUSHED us. It was 1 to 5 when Julien joined in again.

Then someone (we didn’t know who he was) asked if he could play with us, so then it was Alex and me vs. Kieran, Julien, and the other person. We played for a little while and then another person asked if he could join and we said that he could, so he joined our team. After a while Alex ended the game and we went home. I learned that it’s a lot more fun with more people.