Today Janet and Alex went to spend a afternoon and evening in Malaga together. We had some fartones. They are soft breadsticks with powdered sugar on top, very cheap (you can get about 10 of them for 2 euros), and are another popular Spanish treat, just like a churro. We did our usual schoolwork on Spanish, math, reading, and then some debate on La Mezquita. By the time we were done, it was about time for Alex and Janet to leave and go to Malaga. It was 1:00 pm, and we would be going over to Pilar’s house and spend the rest of the day there and go to the beach and eat lunch and dinner there, and finally we would go home with our parents late at night.

For lunch we ate soup with basil, “hierba buena,” carrots, and potatoes with broth (all pureed) (made by 5-star restaurant Pilar’s house), and other yummy things including bread and butter and ice cream afterward. We took a nice long walk down by the beach, and saw a couple of pigeons get swallowed by waves that come up twice the distance they usually do. We would have gone swimming except for the fact that the waves were giant and it was very deep there, but it sure still looked fun. (We didn’t harass any pigeons, I swear, though a couple times they might have gotten caught by waves).

We also went to the port with lots and lots of boats. It had rained a whole bunch earlier that day and the day before, so there were big puddles everywhere. There was a woman who was throwing bread crumbs into the water. When I looked down I saw something amazing. Like 30 fish (each like 2 feet long), were all crawling over and under each other just to get the bread crumbs, like a feeding frenzy. I didn’t know fish liked bread so much.

We fetched our touchpads from our house so we could read while we waited for dinner. We also played a little game (not a board game), in which each of us was a little monster that controlled parts of the apartment, and we would fight for territory. (The game lasted for like 6 minutes).

We had fun and played around until we got the message that our parents were arriving on a train back, and waited for them at the apartment until they came and snatched us up to go home.

Below: Me eating fartones!