Today I decided to learn and research the history Fuengirola. The earliest record we have is that it was a town named Suel. We don’t know if it was the Celts, Phoenicians, or Romans that called it that, but they all had a settlement here.

By the mid 10th century, the Moors had taken over Suel. They changed the name to Suhayl, and they built a castle. In the Middle Ages, the town was destroyed, and all that was left was the castle.

After La Reconquista, it was renamed Font-Jirola, which is where it gets its name today. The population fled to Mijas in the mountains to escape Turkish and Moroccan pirates. It got repopulated in the 17th century, after the threat of the pirates disappeared. It was a fishing and agriculture town until the 1960s, when it developed into a tourist center.

I enjoy living in a city with a lot of history.

(Below: Fuengirola in 1962)