Today we went to Malaga for basically the whole day. We left in the morning to show Emily some sights in Malaga and have a little fun. We went to a museum about Picasso, and we made recreations of his art inspired by one of his paintings. Picasso does art from what he sees with his mind, not his eyes. That’s why his paintings are usually very abstract.

We split up when it was time to see the Alcazaba. Those of us that had already seen it, and didn’t want to see it again, went to walk around and wander throughout the streets of Malaga (Janet and Jasper). And those of us who hadn’t seen it (Emily), and those that had already seen it but wanted to see it again (Alex, me, and Kieran), went through the whole thing again. It was huge, with gardens, battlements, walls, fountains full of coins, and much more things that made you feel like you were a soldier from 1 1/2 thousand years ago.

We then went to a restaurant where we spent too much time enjoying paella and sangria, and just chilling.

It was a long walk, but after it was over, we went and ate at an ice cream restaurant. Yes, there were menus that you could order ice cream off of, and there were tables with napkins that you could sit down at. We ate our ice cream and talked as the sun set, and then we walked off to go home, and on the way we got to see the city of Malaga at night. We saw the stars in the sky, and walked by statues of people and got on the train to go back. We saw a statue, or was it? No! It was actually a person covered in silver paint, breathing softly to make it subtle, and crouching the whole time, not even blinking, what a workout! The person would remain immobile until somebody put some money in the tin can in front of him, then he moves! Creepy, right?

On the train back, we played with something on Alex’s phone, some kind of thing that would add things to your faces!

It was an exciting day, and I love it when we go to Malaga!

Below: Non-statue of Tennis player

Below: Restaurant with Paella and Sangria

Below: Cool thing on Alex’s phone