Today was the best day ever! We started with the usual schoolwork and then went to a SUSHI BUFFET! We started walking there and I felt like we had to walk 2 million miles. I was in Mopey Mood. Mopey Mood is a feeling where I am really tired or hungry so I fall behind and walk vvvveeerrryyy slowly. In this case it was because I was very hungry.

So when we got to the restaurant I went straight to a chair to sit down and rest. We got our table and the server told us some rules/notifications:

1. Every dish that you ordered and didn’t eat cost 1 euro.

2. You would order from a touchpad, not get your food from the counter.

3. You could not drink water that you brought; you had to buy their water which cost 1 euro.

4. Emily (a friend that came with us) had to show what allergies she had so it would warn her if she was choosing something that she had an allergy to.

5. You could have as many rounds as you wanted but you would have to wait 10 minutes before you could have your next round. Each person could could order 5 dishes per round which in total adds up to 30 dishes.

5 1/2. You were allowed to have two desserts.

6. and so on

We started with getting our first round, then our second round, and then on our third round we didn’t all get 5 dishes because we were starting to get full.

But we got a 4th round and 5th round which were DESSERTS. On our 4th round, Kieran and I got Macedonia which is like lychee, cherries, and peaches. Alex got cheesecake and pudding, Janet got green tea ice cream, Julien got puffs which are like little balls of bread with cream inside a chocolate sauce on top. Emily got nothing. On the 5th round we all tried puffs which I didn’t really like.

I learned that it is very hard to remember who asked for what.