A few days ago, Alex and I went to a toy store to find a replacement of a key that we had lost a few days past. We were hoping to find something that would serve as a key that would fit in a small hole to open a box. We were just strolling down the aisles, looking at the games and toys and sets and everything that the store had to just see if there was anything in the little store (the store was very close to our house, and highly accessible), and I turned the corner to see some very interesting toys that I had never seen the likes of before.

The first one I noticed was a toy that came with a little toy monkey. The monkey was purple. If you pulled on his finger that was extended like a finger gun, then it would act as a pump, basically pumping air into his butt, and after it was too full of air, his bum would explode and the balloon would pop, maybe acting as a fart. I don’t know if the toy was only a one-time-use, or if there were spare balloons.

There was also another game very similar to the one with the farting monkey. This one was a pig. The pig was dressed like a chef, and had a white buckle strapped across his tummy. What you would do is you would pull on his tail, making his belly inflate, until his belly would burst open and his buckle would pop off.

There were other games, including a chicken. The goal of the game with the chicken was to pull feathers off his body until his head would pop off. Brutal, right?

There was also a game that included a mat, and the mat was strewn with with all sorts of things. Dog bones, banana peels, but the worst of all were the poops. On the mat were little pictures of poops, and you would be blindfolded, and you would have to walk across the mat the long way, blindfolded, and try not to step on the poop.

And now for my dad’s personal favorite: Atrapa La Caca (Translates to Catch The Poop). The toy would come with a little toy toilet. You would put the smiling poop in it, and then you would stick the plunger into the toilet to make the poop fly into the air. The person who catches the poop while it’s in the air wins!

I never knew that Spain had games like this, but they are quite interesting.

P.S. All these game rules are guesses by me and Alex

Below: Purple Farting Monkey

Below: Chicken Game

Below: Atrapa La Caca! (Catch The Poop!)