Today we did things differently. Instead of doing schoolwork in the morning, we did it in the afternoon and in the morning we went to the beach.

We went over to pick up our grandma, then hopped over to the beach. (Our dad wasn’t there because he was traveling in Spain with Emily.) The flag was not up for the medusas (jellyfish) so we did not know how many medusas there were. We went into the ocean anyway and just paddled about in the ocean. I was starting to shiver in the cold ocean so we trotted to the warm sand.

We played until Jasper started on a tiny sand castle near the ocean. We built walls around the castle to protect it from the waves and we made footprints in front of the castle for mountains. The footprints do actually help because they are similar to a million little ditches. Sadly we didn’t have the camera so we couldn’t take any pictures.

We went to see if the history of Fuengirola museum was open again. (It ended up being closed.) On our way to the museum we decided to hop into a BAKERY!!!! There we had some really good cinnamon cupcake things and chocolate eclairs! We have been doing something where we choose a vocabulary word each day and a Spanish word of the day. Both had to be words we didn’t know. Today that word was eclair!