Today we went to an escape room in Malaga. An escape room is a room that you go into and you have to find clues to unlock locks and find the clues that are hidden in the room. It was set in Spain around the 1400s at the time that peace was still together.

Our goal was to save Benjamin. Benjamin helped to solve conflicts and disagreements. But Benjamin was kidnapped. You had one hour to save Benjamin before he dies. And if you don’t, the doors would close and you will be stuck there forever (all of this is just a story, none of it is real).

When we started, we were looking everywhere. Janet and Alex had already done it, so Janet was going to give us a few hints (Alex wasn’t there). It was a beautiful room. It was Muslim and it was orangey with candles that you shake to turn on because it was dim (The candles were electronic.)

We immediately found a pawn (which I’m guessing belonged to the chess set on the floor). Then we found a bunch more chess pieces in a box. We were not looking for CHESS PIECES!!!!!! We were looking for codes and keys that you could use to unlock locks.

Another chess piece, and another one… until we found a puzzle box. We looked at it and after a little while we opened it! We found a code which helped open a box. We found some arrows (not hunting arrows) and another code. Sadly, it was only part of the code.

Later we found the other part of the code. We put them together and we switched the numbers and… it didn’t work. Janet said we had to do something with the pillows. We went on and we finally got to the second room it was a tiny cramped hallway with spider webs.

We looked back in the first room and saw in medieval lettering some words that were similar to: stand next to the lion and take two steps facing the Star of David. And we did find a picture of a lion and the Star of David a little ways ahead. Janet told us that you had to turn the candle holder to open the door. We did it! And in the next room we found Benjamin’s skeleton hung up on the wall… but we still had 20 more minutes! Why!

There was a scroll in his boney hand. Julien took it from his hand. It said that you were too late to save him. And it was realistic because around the time the escape room is set in, is also when peace fell apart.

We took out some keys, found some more arrows, and then had to do the last combination lock. We put all the arrows together and at the bottom it said that you had to use the pawn and the king from the chess set and put it on something to get out. So Janet told us that you needed to connect the arrow in a line with 10 steps.

It took us a little while but WE ESCAPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! We had 2040 points which is more than most people.

The point score worked like this. You had twenty hints that the manager could tell you (that is our 2000 points). And for every minute left you would gain 10 points.

After that, we went to the Science museum to explore everything. But it was closed. Again. I learned that the escape rooms are hard (because they had four more).

Below: Us in the escape room