We woke up, did the usual of schoolwork and headed out the door for snippets! (haircuts). Our dad got a nice haircut a few weeks ago at a place named Te Peina for only 5 euros or 6 dollars!!!

We searched and searched and searched and searched and searched for Te Peina, but we did not have any luck. But I am guessing about the average haircut cost is 5 euros because we just chose a random place and it was 5 euros!!! Julien got a tiny cut with the razor, but it didn’t really hurt very much, so I didn’t want the barber to use the razor, so he didn’t. He cut it shorter than I wanted but that was fine. It also makes my head cooler for all the hot places we’ll be going: Thailand, Spain, Tanzania, Morocco, and more.

The other day we went to Malaga and got a game. That game is called Rhodes, named after one of the great wonders of the world. The game rules would take a long time to explain so I just going to give you a preview: The goal of the game is to get the most victory points. There are different types of units: goat milk, wine, olives and wheat. You can use that at the market to get money or put it on a boat in the harbor and let it bring your stuff into storage.

Below: the game Rhodes

Below: me with the game Rhodes (My head is distorted and makes it look more oval than it acutally is)