We ate some churros for breakfast, did our schoolwork, and walked to the bus stop. The bus ride was about 25 minutes long, so it didn’t take us very long to arrive in Mijas.

It had been about 18 years since Janet had come to Mijas, so before going on a hike into the mountains behind Mijas (Mijas was a pueblo on a mountain), we showed her around a little. We found this small cave that was built out of limestone, so the walls had an uneven texture, all bumpy and sorts. We saw a tower, donkeys and horses, and we had a fabulous 1st dinner at a small restaurant that was made inside a 19th century house, with a great view over the square of Mijas.

After that we began our hike. We went up behind Mijas to the start of the trail. There was this little yard full of plants, with 2 bunnies inside! They looked so fluffy and pettable, and they were so cute sitting there munching on their greens.

The trail was beautiful! The ground was almost covered with red sand, with roots and rocks just sitting all over it. We even found a dead cactus! The yellow grasses and the trees were also adding a lot. The trees didn’t have any branches down low; they were all tilted slightly to the side, only having branches and leaves up top. Together looking down on them from a certain point on the mountain, made them look like a canopy of trees, red and orange trunks, with light green leaves. The hike continued, curving upwards until it reached this little white chapel, and guess how old the chapel is? From the 18th century! It’s not used anymore, but it still looks like it is in fabulous condition. Other buildings all over Mijas are still used today even though they are a couple hundred years old! And from that view we could see all of Mijas in the mountains, and all of Fuengirola because we were so high. We hiked back downward and when we reached the bottom, the lights at the chapel had turned on, and the whole sky was pitch black, so there was just this little chapel, and a little bit of the surrounding forest, just floating in the sky. We tried the Mayan Monkey Chocolate place… closed. (From Kieran’s post A Trip In the Dark)

But we had only eaten 1st dinner, well, 1st dinner was a little big, so let’s get some dessert. So we got some crepes full of the most delicious homemade Italian ice cream with fruit and whipped cream. One of the best desserts I have had on this trip for sure!

By then it was late and it was time to go back to Fuengirola and sleep.

Below: Dead cactus!

Below: Bunnies!



Below: The view from the top! (Mijas and Fuengirola)

Below: Half-eaten Ice Cream Crepe (sorry)