We have recently been reading a book on the history of the world. We are at a part where it is talking about ancient Greece.

We just read about the Oracle of Delphi. In Greece, there was a city called Delphi. Around the late Mycenaean times, or 1400 BCE, in that city, there lay a big crack in the ground. From that crack came a bunch of vapor, and if anyone inhaled that vapor, it would make them delirious and babble about strange things. So they made the Pythia. They interpreted this babble as words from the gods. They thought they meant something important. They picked a peasant woman from in the area and assigned her to sit on a three-legged stool above the crack, inhale the vapor, and just babble. She was the Pythia, a high priestess at the Temple of Apollo, and there were several people posted around her to decipher what she was saying, and thus they “knew the future.”

I feel really bad for that poor woman, and I don’t know what the people at Delphi would have done because of this nonsense coming out of her mouth.