Today we went to the worldschool meet-up again. We rented a car to go to La Herradura. Once we got there, the Hole-Diggers were not there so we played amongst ourselves and met a few other people.

Later, we heard that there was a soccer thing happening with some of the worldschooling families. It turns out that there were only four people and they were doing monkey in the middle. (1 person tries to get the ball while the rest are passing to each other.)

Then Kieran was attempting to kick the ball but accidently slipped because the gravel was slightly sandy. It didn’t look that bad but it turns out that it was okay bad. It had three scrapes on his knee and a very mild cut on his elbow.

Then we contemplated that it was time to go home. We got in the car that we rented and got on the road. The car that we rented is also going to be used on the way to Ronda (which will be in the next few posts: History of Ronda, Botany of Ronda, and another 2-4 posts).

When we got home Alex washed it off and Kieran was screaming. I thought it must have hurt a lot.

Below: Kieran’s 3 cuts on his knee.