Today was Janet’s birthday! It was awesome! We started off the day skipping breakfast at our place and went to a nice restaurant with 8 other people. They had some delicious guacamole and mozzarella cheese sandwiches! Alex went over and asked the waiter if they had a (birthday) cake, and suprisingly they did! We lit it with the candles and devoured the carrot cake.




When we had finished paying for the food, we went to get a present. Alex had gotten a present for Janet but nobody knew what it was. I used the phone to navigate us to the store. I expected it to be a big variety type of store but it was actually just a tiny store with different types of electronics. The man handed over the package and we opened it… It was one of our favorite board games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! History of the World is a big board game, and we have it at home. The version we have is out of print, but there is another version that has slightly different rules. It was actually shipped from Seattle, Washington! We brought the game home, set it up and read the slightly different rules, then started up the game. The original not printed anymore game takes 4-6 hours and the newer game takes about 2-3 hours. The basic description of the game is: You have an empire that you expand and conquer with until you go into “decline” and then you pick a different empire. You fight empires of the opponents and get victory points. The person with the most victory points wins.