Today we went on a birthday hike for Janet’s birthday. Last time Alex wasn’t here with us, but this time we got to take him on the hike. We went to the same restaurant and saw the same adorable bunnies before the hike. At the restaurant, we each made our own signature treats out of the food we ordered. We even saw the same dead cactus at the beginning of the trail! Last time we didn’t go very far, and we had to come down because the sun was setting, and Jasper had to go to the bathroom. But this time we hiked over half way up the mountain, over rocks, roots, twigs, through spiny plants, and naming trees. We spotted Acacia trees, rosemary plants, some pine-like trees, and ran into the same spiny plant that ripped at your clothes. We had a lot of fun, and the view just kept getting better!

It was peaceful, and sometimes all I could hear was my own panting and the sound of my trodding steps. We looped around and went back down when we got to the top, but from the top the whole world looked different. The clouds were descending, as the sun set behind the mountain. The world looked like a whole new place, like some tropical new paradise, filled with fog, and when it lifted, new things abounded.

I personally loved climbing to the top, and it turns out we saw some hikers in the mountains that live in the same neighborhood as us in Fuengirola.

We might have gotten a little lost, not having a map of the winding trails all over the mountain, but, after our long 3-hour hike, it seemed that we had taken the little, tiny, short trail on the map. UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

2 delicious ice cream crepes, and an entertaining bus ride home.

Before we set out on our hike, we did an assigngent on the cave paintings we saw in La Cueva de la Pileta. We drew a picture that was supposed to be like a painting from the time of cave people, and then we simplified it, and changed it, until each of us had our own unique set of symbols that meant “Every year there is a winter, and every half year there is a great hunting season.” That is how language evolves!

Below: View from the top

Below: Fog all around us

Below: Each of our signature treats