Today, we were going to play soccer. When I heard Alex say soccer, I thought of soccer at the beach. But no, we were going to look for a soccer field and play there. Alex found a park on the map that we could go to, and as always, I was missing my socks, and I was hungry (that happens a lot). We found my socks, and Alex said that Janet would be making dinner while we were gone.

We jogged there (I was in mopey mood), and we saw a soccer field... I was saved!!!!! Wait, no, that was a concrete hard soccer field. We were going to a park with grass, not a soccer field with concrete. So we jogged a little farther, past the biggest supermarket we had ever seen when going worldschooling (it was called “Dani”). And then my life was saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to the field, and we decided to play “tree soccer” (we made it up). Because there were a decent amount of baby trees around us, a tree was a player. It was 2 versus 2. This is how it worked: instead of passing to your only teammate, you could pass to a tree. If you passed to a tree, (you had to hit its trunk) then you would get to walk next to the tree you hit and pass to your teammate or to another tree.

The teams were Julien and Kieran versus Alex and me. It was first to ten goals. It started with Julien and Kieran winning (4-2), then us (8-5), then we both scored a goal (9-6), and then Julien and Kieran boosted up and won (10-9)!!!!!!! It was a very close game but Julien and Kieran won. We jogged home (I wasn’t in mopey mood anymore), and ate dinner (which was DELICIOUS). I thought that tree soccer was very enjoyable!

Below: TREE (not from the soccer field, from the hike in Mijas)