Today we had a full day packed with two towns. Lanjaron is a beautiful town on a mountain with a view over a gorge, where people terraced the sides of the hills to plant olive trees. And the olive trees are everywhere. Fresh produce grown for us by our host. Fresh water spewing out of a calm fountain, where people can just watch the water for hours. Guadix is a flat town in the mountains, famous for having a neighborhood where almost all of the houses are nested inside the terrain, so that half of your house would be underground, to shelter you from the hot or cold.

Let’s start with our adventure in Lanjaron. We walked around and had some lunch, and went to a little square that had a neat little fountain in the middle. That is pretty much all we did, as we had to get to Guadix in time. On the way there, we stopped to walk to some of those big windmills that generate electricity by having their propellers blown by the wind. I even touched one of them. There were spiny plants all around the windmill, and it was very creepy standing at the base, because it felt like the propeller was going to fly off and land on you.

By the time we got to Guadix, I was amazed. I can’t even describe it to you. The landscape was just incredible. There were houses everywhere, all white for some reason, and for example, our house goes inside the hill behind it. This really helps with keeping the temperature comfortable. For example, if it was scorching hot outside, then inside the hill, it would stay chilly, and if it was cold, the insulation would make you snug as a bug inside your house.

We made a new friend. Peppercorn. She is a cute little black-brown-white kitty who snuck into our house and decided she was thirsty. So we gave her some water. Peppercorn loves playing (though she’s not a kitten), and adores to be petted. I love petting Peppercorn. Too bad we’re only here for one night.

Today was packed with fun stuff, and most of all, I think Peppercorn and the landscape of Guadix were my favorite parts. It is fascinating how more than half of people’s houses are inside hills. I wish we could be here longer.

Below: Our neighborhood in Guadix (those are chimneys sticking out of the ground)




Below: One of the big windmills (That’s us at the bottom)