Today, we left Guadix. My injury had mostly healed, and so had Kieran’s. We got in our car and almost started it up… but we thought: Wait, is Peppercorn in the engine?! So we banged the car. Peppercorn got out, we started the engine, and we got going on our way to Granada! We were going to pick up Bita at the train station (we were 30 minutes late). Alex got out and looked around while the rest of us circled the block in the car. Then Alex found Bita and they got in the car. Since we were six people and the car was made to hold five, Bita and Janet were in the front seats and the four of us were squashed in the three back seats.

We had trouble parking, so we had to park about 20 minutes from our destination. We got everything out of the car and walked, and walked, and walked. Our phone told us the directions, and it was at 2% battery. That was a problem. We were almost there. “Are you sure it’s down this tiny side street?” “Yep”. So we went down this tiny alleyway and… it was there! My shoulders were aching! I was saved (as always)!

It was our very first hostel. We got inside, and because we were 6 people we didn’t have to share a room with anybody that we didn’t know. There was a communal kitchen and a few tables to eat on. In our place there were four bunk beds (and a tiny table) in one room, and in the other room there was a bathroom. We settled in, and then went for a nice stroll around Granada. We had some tapas, then found a beautiful Moroccan shop. Janet found this beautiful light scarf made out of cashmere for only 6 euros! It was super soft (we bought it)!

After we got home, we got ready to have a nice evening stroll at 7:00 and then go to The Alhambra! We layered up because we knew it was going to be cold. We got going as the sun was setting. Janet brought her scarf, so I wore it because I was cold. I used the scarf, and dressed up with a little hood. Later, we found some food because our tickets were for 10:00pm. Then we climbed up a tall hill and got there right in time. We looked at this colosseum type thing for free which was super cool (Palace of Carlos V).

We got in line for tickets, and then finally got in. We weren’t going to to the gardens at night because you needed an extra ticket to do so. But we did see the Nazrid palaces, which were beautiful and had amazing ceilings and Arabic script everywhere.

It was interesting how Napoleon broke down the front gates of the Alhambra. After the Beautiful Nazrid Palaces we went to our hostel and went to bed.

below: me in scarf



Below: Alhambra



Below: Decorative walls



Below: palace of Carlos V

Below: narrow alleyway

Below: Gates (not front gates)