The Fuengirola Fair was today! After a Lot of schoolwork, Bita came over to go with us to the fair and we walked to the fair (with a lot of cars trying to get to the fair also). We finally got to the giant fair that took up about 10 blocks! Streets were blocked off, and there were little shops and amusement park rides everywhere. It must have taken them days beforehand to set it all up.

We walked around, and looked in a few little shops. I was sort of sad and down. After looking at a giant paella (a traditional Spanish food), we got some buñuelos (a super yummy little donut). Then Janet & Alex got a mojito (obviously).

Then Julien and Kieran went on this amusement park ride that flung them up into the air while spinning around back and forth. I didn’t go on it because I thought I was going to get a tummy ache. Julien Loved It. Kieran Hated It. Kieran’s neck got sore from it being flung back and forth. I felt bad for Kieran. We got some chestnuts and then rested at a nearby seating area.

In that time, I got out of Grumpy Mood. Grumpy mood is this stage that is really hard to get out of. What “cures” it is when I do something or have a nice mellow time. But when I’m in Grumpy Mood I don’t want to anything and it’s hard to have a nice mellow time when there is 200x more noise than usual.

So then Julien and I went on this ride called “Toro Loco” which means “Crazy Bull.” It’s this sideways pillar that you would sit on and it would spin, move in circles and move up and down. Luckily, if you fell off there was a padded floor and it would be almost impossible to get on unless it stops for a few seconds. You would never find that in the US. After we were done, Janet and Alex went. I loved it.

We already had our swimsuits on so we went to the beach. Kieran and I decided to make a little town while Julien did this waterway thing at the showers. Kieran was the mayor and I was the worker. It was in the medieval times. I started making a fortress when Julien came over and became the mayor. The new mayor (Julien) decided to make it a modern times city.

The houses were about 3 inches tall. They were hill houses! Hill houses are a hill with a house in side them (sort of like Guadix: read Julien’s blog: Guadix!).

I made a hardware store called “Benny’s Screwdrivers”, a supermarket called “Happy Market”, and two restaurants called “Ichi, Ni, San Sushi!” (Japanese Sushi, Ichi=1, ni=2, and san=3) and “Yum, Yum, China! (Chinese Cusine). Kieran made a wifi tower, a farm, an amusement park, and a bunch of houses. We had to put shells on top of every structure because they were blending in with the sand.

We also built a clay pit, a port, and our city logo/mascot was the empty Cruzcampo beer can that Alex didn’t need anymore. After finishing, we went home and we decided to call it “Gudíx” because it was sort of like Guádix. We got home and watched fireworks from our window.

Below: Guadíx!

Below: Crazy Bull

Below: Mojito

Below: monster-sized paella (Kieran’s blinking)