We have left Spain and I am already missing it! I loved (almost) all the food such as gazpacho, breaded eggplant with cane sugar sauce, paella (vegetarian), potato omelette, and spinach croquetas (Don’t forget churros!). I loved the chocolate croissants in Fuengirola with the squishy chocolate coming out of the sides.

The Spanish way of doing things is very different, and I think I love it more than the way the US does everything. For example, most of the streets are not full of cars so you can walk on the tiny side streets. I loved Seville, Merida, Cordoba, La Herradura, and so on. But my favorite was probably Ronda. Ronda was my favorite because of the little house, the fruit, the cliff, and the hike. I also loved Fuengirola, a small(ish) city where I could get familiar with the bakery, the beach, and everything there.

I remember the tiny little alleyways in Malaga to the great Alhambra in Granada. I’m missing it already! Luckily, I will probably go back to Spain again because it is where part of my family lives.

I loved the Hammam and Alcazaba in Malaga. I really wish I could stay in Fuengirola forever! Of course Toledo wasn’t my favorite, because I was sick (Oh right! I don’t think we included that in any of our blogs!). But I loved Seville and Cordoba (a lot of keyhole arches)!

I really wish we saw the north part of Spain. If I come back, I will probably see the north and more of Ronda. (there are two other bridges. Read Julien’s post: “History of Ronda”).

Below: traditional Spanish foods (spinach croquetas, chocolate croissants, and potato omelette)



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Below: La Mesquita

Below: La Alcazaba