We woke up in Tangier to get a taxi to the bus station. We got to the bus station after the a-lot-longer-than-we-expected taxi ride. It was an hour and a half until our bus arrived (at 10:30). We had not eaten breakfast yet so we got some food at the nearby grocery store and ate on the 5-hour train ride. This is how it went.

10:30: eat my cheese sandwich.

10:40: eat my yogurt.

10:50: look at the landscape.

10:51: suck on my disgusting anti-nausea pill (that tastes like trash).

11:00: look at the landscape.

11:13: find out that there are apple pie cookies for dessert (yum!).

11:15: talk with Kieran.

11:45: ask if there is anything else to eat (nope).

11:46: go to the bathroom (the most stinky bathroom ever).

11:48: do some knitting.

12:00: we’re halfway!!!

12:30: talk with Kieran.

1:00: IIIIII’mmmmmm bborreedd.

1:08: go to the bathroom (again).

1:10 watch a movie (let Kieran join in).

2:45: See Julien having some apple cookies.

2:46: want some apple cookies

2:48: eat some apple cookies.

2:51: look at the landscape

3:15: do some more knitting.

3:30: get off the train. Yay!

We took a taxi to the edge of La Medina (the older part of the town where cars can’t go) and waited for our Airbnb host. (He wasn’t the owner but he led us to our Airbnb). His name was Khalid.

We got to our riad after a little while of walking. A riad is a traditional Morocco house that has balconies facing inward to the middle part of the floor and there are only small windows facing to the streets.

After settling down we all went out into the crowded streets of Morocco to have a bit of some Moroccan food. We walked upwards as the sun slowly sunk into the horizon. There were many people selling all kinds of things from fancy dresses to dried fruit.

We found a cafe called “Books & Coffee” and settle down with some vegetable soup and looked at their freshly squeezed juices, and I spotted some virgin mojitos (because Muslims don’t drink achohol). Yum! I got the virgin mojito, Janet got the avocado juice (because everyone was so curious about what it was), and everyone else got some mint tea. The virgin mojito was extremely good (I must say that I liked it more than the mint tea)!

Below: Us in Fes!

Below: Kieran knitting (not on the train)

Below: Virgin mojito